Welcome to Bluewater Grill

Due to Covid-19 some Restrictions currently apply
    1. Currently our booking limit is 30 people per group booking.
    2. Now open to all Sydney people who are double vaccinated
    3. Masks are compulsory in any Indoor building, when you are seated for dinner you may remove, but if you are walking around club masks will need to be worn.
    4. Bookings can be made via reservation page online. If you want to book a group of more than 20 please will need to contact the restaurant or
    5. Email us at caterers@bluewatergrill.net.au or via our contact page
    6. Contact the Restaurant on 4981 4256 (Please be advised that the 2 above are preferred, as we may be unable to answer phone at all times)
Located within the NEW Nelson Bay Golf Club. Restaurant quality food at bistro prices.

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