Welcome to Bluewater Grill

Due to Covid-19 some Restrictions currently apply
  1. No more than 30 people per booking (as of 23rd Oct)
  2. Currently bookings are 5-5.30pm (for 1.5hrs) or after 7pm (Friday & Saturdays Only)
  3. NSW Govt hotspots will not be allowed into the Club, NBGC has the final say, currently all postcodes in NSW are OK,  people NOT allowed into club are people from Victoria ONLY.
  4. Please be honest when booking, temperature checks and license checks will be conducted on entry, so refusal to club may offend some people, our staff will not tolerate abusive behaviour.
  5. Bookings can be made online below (this may change daily depending on postcodes)
  6. Email us at caterers@bluewatergrill.net.au or via our contact page
  7. Text your details including name, day, time and how many people to 0418 665 149
  8. Contact the Restaurant on 4981 4256 (Please be advised that the 3 above are preferred, as we may be unable to answer phone at all times)
Located within the NEW Nelson Bay Golf Club. Restaurant quality food at bistro prices.

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